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Price Match Promise

We offer our customers not only the highest quality furniture, but also great value. If your Himolla furniture can be shown to be cheaper elsewhere, we promise to price match it instantly in-store.

5-Year Guarantee

We know that all the materials used in Himolla upholstered furniture have the required quality and durability to meet the 3-way, 5-year guarantee.

Delivery and Returns

Whitmore Jones can deliver your furniture direct to your door anywhere within Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey, with own delivery vans and team. If you live within fifty miles of Chichester, you can take advantage of our free delivery on all orders.


  • The Company

    The Company

    The Dream Factory in Taufkirchen.

    “Quality made in Bavaria” is the promise himolla makes to its customers.

    A promise which has transformed a small family business into one of Europe’s biggest upholstered furniture manufacturers.

    This is where over 1000 upholstered furniture dreams are fulfilled every day.

    A workforce now numbering almost 1100 turns upholstered furniture dreams into reality for thousand of customers, with over 1600 items of upholstered furniture produced every day in an area of around 83,000 square metres – with an unbelievable degree of diversity: with over 500 models and countless possibilities for variation forming the unique spectrum of the himolla product range. Our collections are sold exclusively through renowned specialist furniture outlets which, like us, attach importance to high quality and outstanding all-round service.

    The Quality

    The Quality

    himolla produces in Germany, because when it comes to quality and environmental awareness, we never compromise.

    Over many decades, we have produced outstanding upholstered furniture for our customers under the ethos of “quality made in Bavaria”.

    This is an aspiration which permits no compromises. What this means in concrete terms is that we only ever use the very best materials, and we comply with the legal requirements and quality guidelines of the “German Association of Quality Furniture”.

    And the reason we continue to produce in Germany is because here we can be confident of achieving the very best standard of quality. The strict stipulations we impose on our own production guarantee that we only ever manufacture products of exceptional quality. For you the customer, this means that you will go on enjoying your new himolla upholstered furniture for many years to come.

    The Environment

    The Environment

    Emissions, energy balance, materials – himolla has great green credentials.

    From planning to production – sustainability goes without saying at himolla.

    A responsible and caring attitude to the natural world is vital, particularly for one of Europe’s biggest upholstered furniture manufacturers.

    Which is why we attach enormous importance to environmental protection at himolla. So much so that it’s up among the company’s central corporate objectives, on a par with optimum economy, high quality and maximum safety. We have been involved in EMAS (ECO-Management and Audit Scheme) since way back in 1998. As long ago as 1999, we introduced a comprehensive himolla environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 14001, which is supervised by our Environmental Management Team. The system regulates issues such as the sustainable use of raw materials, an economical energy balance and production with environmentally friendly materials, paints and fuels containing minimal pollutants.

    But it is our workforce that forms the backbone of all our environmental endeavours. Our employees receive regular training to help them internalize the system and live it in their day-to-day work.

  • Fabric


    Every item of himolla upholstered furniture has its own unique character – which you get to choose.

    Fabric covers from himolla: Taste in over 800 permutations.

    The enormous himolla range has over 800 fabrics to offer – all of which have their own very characteristic properties. Some are extremely hard wearing and durable, others offer particularly favourable breathing and tactile properties, some radiate elegance with a velvety shine, while others combine all these different benefits. The configurations range from innovative high-tech fabrics through woven velour to flat weaves. Practically every conceivable quality type is represented to comply with any preference. So we can be sure that something will appeal to your own personal taste and requirements. And the same goes for the variety of designs and colours, giving you completely free rein to put together your own individual upholstered furniture ensemble.

    In short: At himolla we supply the stuff of all your upholstered furniture dreams.



    One quality of leather that never fails to appeal: natural radiance.

    Longlife leather by himolla: A natural product with its own fascinating charm.

    Every leather from the Longlife by himolla collection offers a unique quality, a piece of nature brought to life in your home. It breathes, is hardwearing and skin compatible and also, because of its finish, very easy to maintain. Each individual skin bears its own special natural features and turns your item of upholstered furniture into something totally unique.

    Over 100 leather types are available in an incredible variety of colours. Subject to suitable care and handling, we grant the three-way himolla 5-year guarantee on our Longlife leather covers.

    Turn your upholstered furniture into a real collector’s piece. With a Longlife by himolla leather cover.



    If you love it, you will care for it. And with himolla upholstered furniture you will find this an easy task.

    Upholstered furniture is like friendships: They need to be cultivated and cared for if they are to last.

    The important points are listed in your himolla care instructions. These are supplied with delivery of your upholstered furniture. Keep them safe as a handy reference guide to the best cleaning and care methods for your own personal feel-good upholstered furniture. This is vital, because every item of himolla upholstered furniture is composed of different materials with their own specific characteristics.

    The ideal cleaning and care products are available from Whitmore Jones (Chichester) Limited. Call on 01243 783103, or e-mail: himolla@whitmorejones.co.uk.

    So, if you cultivate a “good relationship” to your upholstered furniture, it will turn into a friend for life – one you know you can relax with. This is the himolla guarantee to you.

  • After Sales Service

    After Sales Service

    Who should I contact if I have a problem?

    In the unlikely event of a problem with your furniture, you should contact us at Whitmore Jones (Chichester) Limited on 01243 783103, where we can then arrange a rapid and mutually satisfactory solution for you, without delay.

Whitmore Jones (Chichester) Limited is an authorised UK sales agent for himolla Polstermöbel GmbH.

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Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on all our furniture within a 50 mile radius of Chichester *.
*A small delivery charge may apply if we are delivering outside of this area.

Free Home Visits

For customers in our local area looking for lift and rise recliners who are physically unable to come to the show rooms, we are more than happy to arrange for a home visit, where we can bring a selection to your home to try and buy . For more information, please call us on 01243 783103.

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